In partnership with Mann Builders, Mann Real Estate develops real estate involving the construction or renovation of residential structures. The process of real estate development is complex and at times also daunting. As the future home-owner of a developed property the steps required for taking a project from start to completion can be overwhelming. Mann Real Estate and Mann Builders coordinate to scope the market for potential properties, offer consultation on layout and design, purchase the property, coordinate with architects and engineers, and build and manage the project.

Partner with us to develop or reconstruct the home of your dreams.
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How We Get It Done

  • Scoping the marketing. Laurie Middleton-Mann of Mann Real Estate has her fingers on the pulse of Denver and surrounding areas. Hot spots. Potential cash cows. Untapped gold mines. She brings a keen sense of market potential to the table when the hunt for a new development begins.
  • Negotiating the buy. Whether purchasing a blank canvas of land, or buying a plot and framework from an existing structure, Laurie ensures that she gets the most pachow for her penny. Earning the highest profit for a development project starts with BUYING RIGHT.
  • Bringing the “A” team. Mr. T would pity the fool who cuts corners and produces sloppy work. Mann Builders assembles a team of professional architects and sub-contractors of specialized skill to plan and execute the build.
  • Pulling the permits. Cities and neighborhoods operate within a set of voted building rules. Conforming to the appropriate processes for remodeling and construction can save a developer tons of money in penalty fees and reconstruction costs. Mann Builders ensures the proper general permits and trade-specific permits are retained before building embarks.
  • Planning the budget. With the goal of profit, Mann Builders computes the project costs from start to finish to check that there is a healthy dose of reward. At times in real estate development, unexpected project costs arise due to unforeseen challenges, and the developer must know how to allocate resources to maintain profit figures and overall quality output.
  • Keeping the time. Mann Builders works toward keeping a tight construction schedule.
  • Marketing the property. After the project is complete, Mann Real Estate adds final touches to the newly developed property by coordinating staging, taking professional real estate photos and virtual tours, and adding the listing to high-traffic listing sites.
  • Closing the deal. Mann Real Estate finds the perfect buyer for the property, whether that person is looking to purchase their dream home or make a great investment.

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