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It is well understood that homes are valuable assets and that the process of selling a home shouldn’t be handled lightly. A sound marketing strategy is, of course, vital to a successful home sale but much more goes into preparation, presentation, and pricing. Expert assistance streamlines this process and connects you to someone who understands your needs, ensuring a smooth, lucrative sale.

When you need professional residential services in Denver, CO, allow our team at Mann Real Estate to exceed your expectations. Our versatility is championed by Laurie Middleton Mann, your personal real estate agent and entrepreneurial creative force. From concept to completion, you can rely on her attention to detail, strong foundation of expert market and neighborhood knowledge, and authentic seller-focused mindset.

The breadth of our residential services ensures that you’re well cared for at every turn. We provide the following, and beyond:

  • Initial consultation
  • Comparative market analysis
  • Pricing and marketing strategy
  • Professional home staging
  • Complete home inspection
  • Professional photography and virtual tours
  • Comprehensive listing services
  • House showings strategy

1574-Osceola-St-Denver-CO-newFurther, we understand that sometimes it takes special efforts to bring out your home’s full potential. Thus, we are proud to offer major development projects as part of our all-encompassing services. From fully original design-and-build projects to complete remodels, we assess the home’s true potential and enable you to complete the most optimal strategy for your sale. In some cases, such as when a home doesn’t meet the requirements of the market and existing neighborhood, a teardown can be the most viable option for a property, and we have the experience to help you judge when this may be the case.

Our range of skills allows us to develop your home’s most marketable traits, offer the best advice, and create a customized marketing strategy to sell any home at top value and in a better-than-average timeframe. You can confidently trust that we’ll never lead you astray in matching your home to the perfect buyer.

To benefit from high-quality residential services in Denver and surrounding areas, please contact Laurie and the Mann Real Estate team today. You can reach us by calling (720) 320-4977 or sending us an email online. We can’t wait to help you get started!

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